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Hi! I’m Shelly Petrowski, proud owner of Green Apple Boutique. I’m blessed with two beautiful daughters, Lyla and Gracelyn, a wonderful husband, Jamie, an amazing family, fantastic friends and an incredible supportive community, all of whom have been supportive of keeping my dream alive... Green Apple!

Green Apple is not just a story about fashion. It is the manifestation of a dream at exactly the right time and circumstance. When people ask me why I opened the boutique, I don’t have just one solid answer. My entrepreneurial spirit had always yearned for a creative outlet. So, I set out to create a store that is the ultimate expression of what I, and others within the community care about: not just a fashionable look, but an evolved lifestyle. Clothing has allowed me to be true to myself, sometimes stepping a little outside of the box, but wearing each piece with confidence. I wanted to create an environment that encouraged the same for other women. Featuring a paired-down-to-the best selection in workout and lifestyle apparel, chic accessories, shoes, locally crafted handbags, and spray tanning, Green Apple Boutique is for the active and stylish on-the-go woman. Our motto sums it up “It’s not just a look, it’s a lifestyle.”



Hi, I’m Michaela! I’m an Indiana State University Graduate with a background in Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations and Theatre. I’m a writer, a theatre enthusiasts and i love shopping, which makes working at a boutique so fun because I get to help other people shop! Working at Green Apple Active Boutique is amazing. The energy is amazing in the store and everyone is sure to make you feel at home. I don’t think there’s a team as good as ours!



I’m Kallee Rice and I am from Lebanon, IN. I am a physical therapist by day and throughout the week. I am an avid gym goer and not only can I find all my gym needs at Green Apple Boutique but also clothing that is cute and comfortable for evenings. Green Apple Boutique is a great environment to work in. It’s a place that values and treats their customers and staff like family.


Breast Health and Benefits of Wireless Bras

Why I stopped wearing underwire bras over 10 years ago.. Our breasts are full of lymphatic tissue and those tight underwire bras impede and restrict the natural flow of lymph! Our lymphatic system is home to much of our immune system and it is our body's natural way to detox and eliminate toxins.. think of it as the body's waste removal highway. Restriction in the drainage of lymph caused by tight underwire bras leads to stagnation. Think of a swamp.. the water is not moving, it is stagnant and build up occurs. Lack of lymph flow through the breast tissue ...
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Green Apple Active wins Best Local Women’s Clothing Boutique

GREEN APPLE ACTIVE WINS INDYS 2020 BEST THINGS; WOMEN’S CLOTHING BOUTIQUE STYLE On October 30th it was announced that Green Apple Boutique won 1st place in Indy’s Star 2020 Best Things: Best Local Women’s Clothing Boutique! We were beyond excited to hear the news. Our boutique has been open for 8 years (as of this past November). We offer some of the best activewear, lifestyle wear and lounge wear, with an average price point of $70 on apparel. We recently launched our new website, with online shopping. With all of the uncertainty in the world, we are beyond blessed to ...
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